Early Sunrise Coreopsis

Early Sunrise Coreopsis


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Bright Yellow and Dark Green

The Coreopsis ‘Early Sunrise’, Coreopsis grandiflora, is a definite superstar among yellow flowers. This All-American Selections Gold Medal Award Winner has yellow flowers that flush to orange-yellow near the center.

The 2″ blooms are crowded atop a neat, compact plant! A member of the Tickseed family, the dark green, thread-leaf foliage makes a great contrast with the flower color. ‘Early Sunrise’ attracts frogs and other wildlife.

‘Early Sunrise’ blooms at least 3 weeks before most others and doesn’t stop blooming June through October. It should be planted in full sun and is drought-tolerant and tough, but does need well-drained soil. It should be cut back early and late summer to extend the bloom period.

Coreopsis ‘Early Sunrise’ looks great with any type of grass, in borders or mass plantings in sunny gardens. Coreopsis is easy to grow making it a great plant for the beginning gardener.

It is a hardy plant, but may need some protection in harsher climates. Since it thrives in poor soil and has low water needs, ‘Early Sunrise’ will easily add beauty to any trouble spot in your garden!

  • Early Bright Yellow Blooms
  • Very Dark Green Foliage
  • Loves Full Sun, Drought, Heat
  • Blooms Earlier And Longer Than Other Tickseed

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