Eastern White Pine Tree

Eastern White Pine Tree


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Fantastic Native Evergreen Eastern White Pine Tree

  • Beautiful Form Whether Young or Mature
  • Fast-Growing
  • Long Lived
  • Hardy
  • Soft, Bluish-Green Needles
  • Beautiful, Large, Resin-tipped Cones Make Great Decorations
  • Seldom Severely Damaged by Deer

The Eastern White Pine tree (Pinus strobus) is a hardy evergreen native to eastern North America. It is long-lived, fast-growing and vigorous. One of our most magnificent forest pine trees, Eastern White Pine has a lot to offer.

When young, it presents an elegant, pyramidal form that matures into a tree with beautiful horizontal layered branching.

If planted in an open setting, the trunks of older trees often forks, and lateral branches remain along the main trunk very near the ground. Mature trees become less upright and formal and develop a highly artistic mature form that is rounded or even flattened.

When young, the bark is smooth and greenish brown. As an Eastern White Pine ages, the bark will deepen to dark gray and develop attractive, wide, long ridges. The furrows are flat-topped and smooth to the touch.

Soft-needled White Pine features regular arrangements of long, bluish-green needles in bundles of five. You’ll love running your hands along the foliage. Collect the curved pine cones for birdseed, seasonal décor, or use as mulch for acid-loving partner plants.

Eastern White Pine is long-lived and a vigorous grower, so you can expect to see results quickly and enjoy your tree for a long time. When small, you could also use this tree as a Christmas tree, as many people enjoy this variety for just that purpose.

Take time to appreciate the luscious fragrance that emits from tiny pearls of slow-moving resin. That piney pitch will subtly cloak your landscape in a clean, earthy forest-y fragrance as much as the soft, blue-green needles of the evergreen foliage will.

Young plants transplant easily and can add several feet in a single season. Keep in mind when planting White Pine that they are going to get big, so give them some room to grow.

There is something really satisfying about using native plants in your landscape. People have loved the poetry of the magnificent, soft-needled Eastern White Pine for many, many generations in the United States.

Eastern White Pine brings such definitive style – first symmetrical then picturesque – to the landscape. With its strong evergreen presence, you’ve likely found the star of your garden design.

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How to Use Eastern White Pine in the Landscape

A super choice for screening open areas, White Pine are fast growing and long-lived. You’ll appreciate the organic appeal of natural, informal groups that are informally arranged.

Have you ever seen a massive White Pine used as a focal point in a landscape or on a golf course?

One would look spectacular as a shade or specimen plant in the lawn of your yard. This is especially effective if sited where it can shield the house and patio from the harsh rays of the setting sun.

Does your yard have big privacy issues? Try a single tree, or a row of Eastern White Pines to shield your house from unsightly views. It’s far nicer to watch squirrels gambol and play along its lovely, long horizontal branches.

If you have the space and want to create a long “vista” – or view – from your deck, try a loose triangle of 3 trees planted in a grouping. Create a berm, or long, irregular island-shaped garden bed.

Add flowering plants that bring butterflies along the southern, sunny side of the tree. Include bird feeders to help bring your landscape to life.

Design a Zen or Meditation Garden around the mellow vibes of this tree. Why not design a series of layered wooden platforms underneath it? You can have a walkway built that flows from your house to under the boughs, following the shape of the tree.

Include seating that fits into the tree, even if it’s just a cushioned spot for a yoga mat. Commune with this gorgeous tree.

Plan ahead while the tree is young, and it should naturally grow to accommodate your hardscaped design elements. In cases like this, we recommend that you really take your time during planting.

Planting a tree can be such a meditative activity. Slow the process down and get the shape of your unique tree. While it’s still in its nursery container, spin the plant around in a complete circle. Try all the different angles out. After all, you’ll want to know which is its “best side” for your project.

We send extremely healthy young trees that are commercial landscape grade quality. Nature Hills works with garden designers across the country all year long. You will be thrilled with the condition of your new tree.

As an evergreen, you know you’ll rely on it for year-round structure in your mixed border. As the plants get larger, they create a beautiful microclimate for woodland plants and shade loving perennials.

White Pine needles make fantastic mulch for colorful, broad-leaved evergreens like Azalea and Rhododendron. Why not install edible Blueberry bushes? They’ll love the acidic needles and cones from your Pine tree as an annual mulch. You’ll love the spring bloom, fruit and fall color.

#ProPlantTips for Care

There are a few considerations before planting. Eastern White Pine trees is a generally low-maintenance tree. It will tolerate partial shade, but prefers full sun.

Eastern White Pine loves moist, well-drained, slightly acidic soil. However, it is quite adaptable to other soil types. This is a wonderful tree for sites with thin, poor soil.

Give it moderate amount of regular water as it’s getting established in your native soil. After the first few seasons, they can tolerate some drier periods.

However, we do recommend that you keep it healthy and vibrant with adequate supplemental water in the fall, as needed. A happy tree shakes off environmental stressors.

Give them protection from windy, open exposed sites, especially in the coldest growing Zones.

The needles are characteristically soft and wonderful and are held in bunches of 5. The color can range from green to quite bluish and they have a stripe down the needle. They range in length from 3-6 inches in length and are held on the tree for 2-3 years.

Each fall, the oldest needles turn yellow and drop from the plant. This is normal and should happen each fall. Use the needles as mulch for acid-loving partner plants!

You’ll want to give your tree plenty of room to develop into its full height and width. Allow it to grow naturally, or you can prune it back a bit if need be.

Don’t shear this tree, or you’ll ruin the poetic lines. Trim any broken limbs when the tree is dormant in late winter.

To create a compact tree with tighter needles, we recommend candle pruning in spring. Watch for the time when the newest spring growth at the tip of each branch is the size of a pencil.

To candle prune, simply break the candle in half before any green needles expand on that new growth. By doing so, you’ll reduce the amount of growth that expands. Don’t cut the candles – break them instead. Breaking them will not harm the newly develop needles that will emerge from those candles.

Get started on your garden oasis today! Order Eastern White Pine from Nature Hills. You’ll love it and local red squirrels and songbirds will love the shelter it provides.

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