Easy Elegance® Little Mischief Rose

Easy Elegance® Little Mischief Rose


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These Bi-Color Roses Will Delight All Season

Sometimes it’s good to get into a little mischief! Especially when it is in as sweet a package as this little rascal. Compact and ever-blooming, the blooms start out deep pink with a white eye and fade to a rich light pink.

Easy Elegance® Little Mischief rose may seem like it’s messing with you a little bit. It requires so little care for such big returns. Not a dainty rose by any means, the hardy plant has healthy, disease resistant, glossy green foliage, big blooms that keep coming all season and superior heat and cold hardiness. Modern breeding techniques have made this plant a marvel for your garden.

You don’t need to spend hours to get Little Mischief rose to perform like a star for you. No special requirements needed beyond a sunny place in your garden and some minimal rose care. And all of this is on its own healthy roots – no grafting here!

Little Mischief roses from Nature Hills will provide you a bounty of beautiful pink blooms all season long, so order yours today!

  • Beautiful dusty-pink blooms
  • Disease resistant
  • Easy to care for & hardy to zone 4

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