Easy Elegance® Sweet Fragrance Rose

Easy Elegance® Sweet Fragrance Rose


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Beautiful Colors and Intoxicating Scent

A tropical vacation on a shrub! Sweet Fragrance Hybrid rose has a tropical coral color bloom with orange tints. It opens to an amazing fragrance with blossoms the color of apricots. All of this, on straight, strong stems, make them ideal as cut roses.

Sweet Fragrance rose is a fast growing shrub with an upright habit. As with all Easy Elegance roses, it has superior disease resistance. The perfume, the colors…you’ll be carried away!

Why choose an Easy Elegance® rose like Sweet Fragrance? We’ve all seen roses that need to be coddled in order to get that elusive ‘one perfect bloom’. That’s a thing of the past with Easy Elegance® roses.

Easy Elegance® roses have big flowers, glossy green foliage and months of blooms. It is disease resistant as well as cold and heat tolerant.

Order your Sweet Fragrance roses from Nature Hills today and be ready for your perfumed garden to delight you and your neighbors!

  • Amazing colors and perfume
  • Exceptional disease resistance
  • Easy to care

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Easy Elegance Sweet Fragrance Rose – #2 Container