Elegant Lady Tulip

Elegant Lady Tulip


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The Elegant Lady Tulip with Soft Pink and Orange Blooms

  • Lily Flowering Tulip
  • Soft orange and pink blooms
  • Strong stems
  • Late-spring blooming
  • Great In Containers

As spring wears on and the temperatures rise, the Elegant Lady Tulip (Tulipa ‘Elegant Lady’) begins to bloom. This creamy orange and pink Lily Flowering Tulip is eye-pleasing and… well… elegant. It’s also one of the most graceful tulips to dance in the spring breeze.

What makes this lady so elegant? Its pointed petals curve smoothly inward then flare out. While not exactly like an hourglass, one could say the Elegant Lady Tulip’s bloom looks a lot like a woman dressed for the red carpet.

It’s hard to not think of creamsicles and candy when admiring the Elegant Lady Tulip’s coloration. Each reflexed petal is a pastel orange neatly accented with blushes of pink. And the Elegant Lady’s show last and last as these lovely blooms slowly and gracefully open, revealing the lily-like shape their family is known for.

These feminine bi-colored blooms create a pretty and pristine sight when used as cut flowers. In fact, it might be worth scheduling your wedding, baby shower, or family reunion to take advantage of these juicy blooms. They also add color to your late spring garden. Their rare and delightful coloration can be best appreciated when used as a mass planting.

When planting your Elegant Lady Tulips, be sure you plant them in an area where they’ll enjoy the warmth and brightness of the sunshine. They also like to keep their feet pretty dry in well-drained soil.

Invite this Elegant Lady to your spring garden. This sweet and chic tulip will punch up the color in your late spring garden and add excitement day after day when its petals unfurl. Order here today!

We will ship your bulbs based on the correct planting time for your area.

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Elegant Lady Tulip – 10 pack bulbs