Emerald Mound Honeysuckle

Emerald Mound Honeysuckle


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Big Value for Small Spaces

Emerald Mound Honeysuckle is a deciduous shrub with ornamental features. Plant one of these in a naturalized area or use as a foundation plant. These would even do well for a large groundcover area.

Your Emerald Mound Honeysuckle is one of the earliest plants to leaf out in the spring. Its graceful, oval-shaped leaves are a refreshing light blue/green that fills out the shrub for an attractive landscape addition all season long.

Spring brings yellow-hued, white flowers that transition to berries of a deep red shade for mid-summer through fall. The fragrant flowers have a strong appeal for butterflies, bees and hummingbirds and your birds will adore you for the berries.

This shrub fills out all the way to the ground so you don’t need facer plants, and its dense nature makes it ideal for shaping. It also has a natural beauty, so whether you leave it to grow wild or choose to prune it, it will still present a beautiful, mounded image in your yard. Honeysuckles are even easy to grow. They adapt to a variety of soils, are vigorous and nearly indestructible.

If you could use something small that will still provide a lot of ornamental interest, Emerald Mound is for you. An Emerald Mound here or there in your garden will fill in those small, empty spaces with early color, fragrant flowers and even berries for your wildlife. Order a few today!

  • Early Foliage & Flowers
  • Compact, Vigorous Grower
  • Wildlife Interest
  • Easy To Grow

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