English Munstead Lavender

English Munstead Lavender


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Lavender Spikes in Spring

The English Lavender ‘Munstead’ is one of the Lavandula angustifolias or English lavenders. This plant is a branched, woody, perennial lavender plant that grows much like a small evergreen shrub. The narrow leaves are about 2 inches long and have a pleasing gray-green color.

A fragrant and a robust lavender, ‘Munstead’ makes a great hedge. English Lavender ‘Munstead’ blooms profusely in the spring, after which a good pruning will provide an attractive gray bush with highly aromatic leaves!

‘Munstead’ is able to tolerate heat better than most other lavenders. For good drainage, add sand to the bottom of the hole, especially if planting it in clay soil. In order to have a bushier and taller plant, it should be pruned back the first year.

This compact variety of English lavender has lavender blue flowers and is not only great for landscapes, but the flowers have a rich sweet flavor and are especially good when used with sweets, such as in baking and even added to tea!

Only the flower petals should be eaten. Pull the flowers away from the little brown or green cap. Lavender flowers can be fresh-frozen or dried.

One of the most famous of all herbs, ‘Munstead’ is used most often in sachets in the home and for perfumes!

  • Grey Green Foliage
  • Profusion of Lavender Blue Spikes
  • Heat Tolerant

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