Estella Rijnveld Parrot Tulip

Estella Rijnveld Parrot Tulip


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Astonishing Colors Estella Rijnveld Tulip

  • Extremely Large Blossoms
  • Magnificent Colors
  • Late Season Bloomer
  • Uniquely Shaped Blooms
  • Excellent Cut Flowers

There are colorful flowers, and then there’s the Estella Rijnveld Tulip (Tulipa ‘Estella Rijnveld’)! You simply won’t believe your eyes when you see this magnificent flower blossom come springtime.

Estella Rijnveld Tulip far surpasses other Parrot Tulips, and their namesakes, when it comes to color and style. Its jagged-edged petals open almost flat to the sun and are streaked in fanciful deep pinks, lively greens and creamy whites. There is no other tulip with as much character as this one. No wonder it’s nicknamed Gay Presto!

These extremely large flowers are gorgeous when cut and brought inside. They appreciate being planted somewhere a tad bit more protected as to shield the impressive blossoms from the worst of the elements. Order a pack of Estella Rijnveld Tulip bulbs for your spring garden today!

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Estella Rijnveld Parrot Tulip – 6 Pack Bulbs