Evergold Sedge Grass

Evergold Sedge Grass


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Pin-Striped Ornamental Evergold Sedge Grass

  • Leaves Feature Green Edges and Creamy-Yellow Stripes
  • Compact Mound of Foliage
  • Excellent Accent Texture
  • Great in Containers
  • Excellent Choice for Borders
  • Use at the Edge of your Rain Garden
  • Semi-Evergreen Leaves Add Seasonal Interest in Winter
  • Tolerant of Partial Shade
  • Widely Adaptable

You’ll appreciate these “go-to” favorites in your landscape! Let Evergold Sedge (Carex hachioensis ‘Evergold’) catch the available light, and sparkle with the rising and setting sun.

These compact, mounded grasses feature lovely variegated leaves that stay green with a sporty, creamy-yellow stripe down the center of every blade.

Add a fun texture that softens your space. Use them throughout your landscape and outdoor containers. They’ll look great all year-long!

These clump-forming Japanese Sedge grasses have a cascading habit. The interesting leathery leaves arch up and spout outwards and down. Let these striking little pom-poms decorate your yard and catch your eye.

You’ll swear these are the beloved houseplant called Spider Plants. But these rugged plants are rated for freezing cold, and they can put up with scorching hot summers.

Humidity? No problem. Aridity? Give them water, and they’ll perform like champs.

Evergold does best in a sunny spot with moist, rich soil that drains quickly. But they survive in dry soil and tolerate partial shade. They’ll handle occasional wet soils, too.

Rely on these beautiful, hard-working plants. You’ll love their perky look, and appreciate the way their leaves sway in the breeze.

Best of all? Evergold is so easy to grow! Order from the plant experts at Nature Hills Nursery this season.

How to Use Evergold Sedge Grass in the Landscape

Ornamental Sedges make easy-care foliage plants. Use the to boost interest with graceful, arching, variegated blades sweeping the path. Kids love running their hands along the leaves, and “patting” them.

Evergold Sedges are perfect for border plantings. Use them at the very edge of every planting bed in a long, running hedge. You’ll tie the look of your garden design together.

For a mass planting, space them 12 inches apart on center, measuring from the center of one to the center of the next. You’ll create a wonderful, mounding texture that looks great at both a distance, and up close.

Cascading leaves arch up and out in a lovely fountain. Each blade of grass features a cream-colored strip running down the center.

Study these beautiful small grasses up close by adding to exterior containers. They make great “Thrillers” in a smaller pot or as “Fillers” in large pots.

Fill an open spot near your downspout or soften the edge of a Rain Garden. Tuck them underneath your hose!

#ProPlantTips for Care

Give them a spot in full sun or partial shade, with at least 4 hours of direct sunlight a day. They tolerate a wide range of soils, including dry soils. However, the soil should be well-drained most of the time.

These easy-care plants tolerate a wide variety of growing conditions. They are heat tolerant and cold hardy. They’ll survive the dreaded dry shade, but truly shine in rich, well-drained soil that remains moist.

Provide regular water for best results. Add a 3-inch layer of mulch over the root systems to keep them cool and moist.

Evergold is a cool season grass that can be left up for winter interest until early spring. In warmer climates, the leathery leaves will remain evergreen.

Snip a few inches of old growth off in late winter to start over fresh. They’ll bounce back with spring growth.

These easy-care, variegated plants look amazing each year when planted in your yard. In your outdoor containers, they’ll be an extremely dynamic focal point for you. Enjoy Evergold Sedge Grass, and order today!

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