Exquisit Tulip

Exquisit Tulip


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Rare Bi-Color Double Other-Worldly Exquisit Tulip

  • Bi-Color Double Bloom
  • Rare Coloration
  • Long-Lasting Bloom
  • Great In Containers

The Exquisit Tulip (Tulipa ‘Exquisit’) is one of those mind-bending, phenomenal tulips that often require a double-take if not a triple-take. The Exquisit Tulip is admired for its exaggerated bloom that appears in late spring. This unique Double Late tulip is ready to steal the show and draws a lot of attention.

The Exquisit Tulip draws in the eye and holds your gaze. With its grape-colored center petals and variegated green and white outer petals, this stunning flower demands to be studied up-close and appreciated from a distance. As a bi-color double, its beauty multiplies as this tulip’s bud begins to open. Its appearance transforms from day to day as the creamy-white and green petals open and the bright purple plume of petals emerges.

With a flower like this one, you can expect a lot of people to ask you what kind it is. With its interesting form and color makes it appear as if it’s part of the cabbage family rather than a tulip.

This beauty will create quite the stir when planted as a mass planting. It’s also happy to help improve your curb appeal as a border, in a cut flowerbed or grouped with more traditional tulips. The Exquisit Tulip’s colors really sing when placed nearby yellows, oranges, and reds. It does require full sun for optimal performance, though.

No tulip collection is complete with your own Exquisit Tulip. This rare beauty tests the limits of the tulip genus. Want to own the most unique tulip in the neighborhood? This Late Spring bloomer is ready for your fall planting. Order your own here!

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Exquisit Tulip – 8 pack bulbs