Fairy Tail Fantasy Triteleia Mix

Fairy Tail Fantasy Triteleia Mix


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Fantastic Look Fairy Tail Fantasy Triteleia

  • Perfect Partners Bloom at the Same Time
  • Pretty Blue and White Blooms
  • Excellent Cut Flowers

Have you ever walked through a garden fit for a fairy tale? You can bring that look into your own garden with the Fairy Tail Fantasy Triteleia mix. These little blue and white star shaped blossoms will charm you from the moment they start blooming!

The Fairy Tail Fantasy is made up of two types of flowers. The first is a royal blue Queen Fabiola (Triteleia¬†‘Queen Fabiola’), and the other is a pure White Triteleia¬†(Hyacinthina). Together these petite flowers feel as though they may just be a home to a fairy or two!

These perfect partners will always bloom at the same time and make for excellent cut flowers. Don’t wait another season, order a Fairy Tail Fantasy Triteleia blend bulbs today!

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Fairy Tail Fantasy Triteleia Mix – 60 Pack Bulbs