Fall Gold Raspberry

Fall Gold Raspberry


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Delicious Flavor, Rare Color Fall Gold Raspberry

Everbearing, 2 Crops per Season

Gold isn’t just for jewelry. Imagine a plant that produces two abundant crops of juicy golden berries each year! The Fall Gold Raspberry (Rubus idaeus) rivals the beauty of most flowering plants and the productivity of other fruit producing varieties. This amazing everbearing raspberry plant produces tasty golden berries in a rare and delightful golden color. You’ll be rich in flavorful berries that will pique your neighbors’ interest.

You will want to plant several of these wonderful plants along your fence line or right beside your patio where you can reach out and pluck a few for an afternoon snack. How cool to grow your own crop of raspberries to harvest whenever you like.

These large berries aren’t just beautiful. They’re also delicious! These berries may be a rare and an exotic color, but they are equally as sweet as traditional red raspberries. They have the ideal balance of sweetness and tartness. And visitors will surely ask about the interesting appearance of these berries.

Berry lovers adore these berries for their versatility. These berries are scrumptious fresh, canned, or as preserves. You’ll love their excellent flavor and that they’re good for you, too. They are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, fiber, and manganese.

What is an everbearing raspberry bush? An everbearing plant has the unique ability to produce two crops of fruit each year. This one produces one crop on each of its second year biennial canes.

Fall Gold produces a fall crop on the top 1/3 of the canes and a second crop the following spring on the bottom 2/3 of the canes. .

Wildlife also goes crazy for these berries. If you want to feed your local butterflies and birds, this plant will surely do the job. Otherwise, cover them with bird netting.

Luckily, the Fall Gold Raspberry is very cold tolerant. It can survive and continues to thrive when the temperature drops down to 25 degrees below zero. It should be planted in slightly acid, moist and well-drained soil that is organically rich for best performance. If you have clay soil, try growing them in raised beds for abundant and big berries. Full sun or partial shade also assist in keeping your Fall Gold Raspberry healthy and happy.

If you need more berries in your life, you need a Fall Gold Raspberry. This hardy, gorgeous, rare variety will surely please your palate and add beauty to your yard.

  • Excellently Flavored Rare Colored Berries
  • Cold Tolerant
  • Everbearing, Produces 2 Crops Per Year

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