Fine Line® Buckthorn

Fine Line® Buckthorn


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Sophisticated Vertical Accent Fine Line® Buckthorn

  • Amazing Thriller in Container Arrangements
  • Extremely Columnar Shape is Softened by Fine-Textured Foliage
  • Lovely Golden Fall Foliage
  • Drought Tolerant
  • Excellent Hedge Shrub
  • Urban Tolerant
  • Deer Tend to Leave Them Alone

Does your landscape need a punch of interest? Try Fine Line® Buckthorn (Rhamnus frangula), a vastly improved cultivar of Fernleaf Buckthorn from the Proven Winners® collection.

Like a living exclamation point, Fine Line becomes a magnificent architectural accent. With a strongly upright habit, it easily draws the eye. Use it to spotlight special features of your home or outdoor entertainment area.

You’ll appreciate the versatility of this tall, narrow, feathery deciduous plant.

Create privacy in areas where space is at a premium. Fine Line is a fantastic backdrop for any shrub border. The airy texture and formal habit makes it excellent as a Thriller in exterior containers.

The narrow form is beautifully juxtaposed with soft, lacy, green foliage. Overall, it gives the impression of soft strength.

It’s beautiful all season long. The color turns golden-yellow in fall in years when the cooler weather comes on slowly.

Fine Line provides a high-end, designer look, but it is so hardy and easy to grow. This drought tolerant plant even does well in either sun or part sun conditions. It has few insect or disease problems. And deer tend to leave it alone.

Please note, the Buckthorn genus has proven invasive in certain areas. The improved Fine Line cultivar does produce some inconspicuous flowers in early spring. But, it produces very few fruit and of those, only 2% of the seeds are viable.

However, we may not be able to ship into your state if it performs too well. Birds do love to eat the small, dark fruit and it can spread in certain areas.

Nature Hills uses Plant Sentry™, an online platform that blocks shipments of all invasive plants in vulnerable areas. We comply with every United States federal and state regulation for proper shipping of plant material. Thank you for shopping with us and supporting the needs of your local ecosystem!

Fine Line is an improved Buckthorn that features a wonderful texture and a handsome columnar shape. It’s tough, adaptable and gorgeous, easily adding height to landscaping without taking up a lot of horizontal space.

It’s easy to understand why so many gardeners adore Fine Line! Order yours from the environmentally sound growers at Nature Hills today.

How to Use Fine Line Buckthorn in the Landscape

Use a single Fine Line Buckthorn as a stunning specimen. It would suit any garden style, from Asian to Cottage to Contemporary.

Add another one and flank either side of your front door for an impressive display. Grow them in the ground, or plant them in luxe outdoor containers.

The foliage is wispy, but dense. Use several to create a strategic privacy screen by spacing them 2 feet apart on center. Measure from the center of one to the center of the next.

You’ll love the look and the durable nature of a Fine Line hedge. Very little pruning is required!

Create living walls of a special outdoor garden room, or shield your pool deck from prying eyes. Extend the height of your existing fence, or hide the neighbors trash cans.You’ll find plenty of ways to use this plant!

The soft, fine texture makes it an interesting backdrop for any shrub border. It’s a perfect choice to add very welcome contrast in your landscape.

#ProPlantTips for Care

Plant your Fine Line Buckthorn in partial sun or full sun for best results. They require well-drained soil, so plant in a raised bed or container if you have heavy soil that holds water.

Give a moderate amount of water on a regular basis the first season. Once their root system is established in your landscape, they become drought tolerant.

Very little pruning is needed, but you can snip any errant branch anytime of year. All plants do well with good air circulation.

This special plant gets rave reviews, but must be selected with a little care. Let our system determine if this beautiful plant will work for you. Enjoy!

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