Fine Wine® Weigela

Fine Wine® Weigela


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Outstanding Burgundy Foliage

Burgundy foliage is the highlight of this dramatically colorful shrub. The deep coloring of the leaves, like the “fine” burgundy “wine” of its name, maintains its dramatic flair throughout summer and into fall. Unlike larger, lankier varieties, Florida Fine Wine Weigela will also hold its upright shape, resisting the urge to part in the middle or droop down.

An additional decorative feature to the striking foliage appears in spring when hot pink flowers dangle in clusters amid the leaves, and sporadically re-appear throughout the summer months. This re-bloom occurs on its own, but will be far more impressive with a light pruning (after the first bloom). Florida Fine Wine’s blossoms are trumpet-shaped and will create a phenomenal vision in your yard when hummingbirds come to sample their sweet treat.

Your Florida Fine Wine Weigela is a deciduous, ornamental shrub that has a compact, multi-stemmed nature and mounded form. Florida Fine Wine is adaptable to a variety of soils and deer resistant.

It’s small enough to be perfect as a low-growing, ornamental for the front of your perennial bed or as a border planting. Since it grows right down to the ground, there’s no need for facer plants, and it’s also quite comely in containers with complementing plantings. Hardy and long-lived, Florida Fine Wine Weigela can be expected to grace your yard for up to 30 years (under ideal conditions).

Weigela are remarkably popular shrubs and much sought after for the home landscape. Florida Fine Wine Weigela provides all the usual decorative features but in a much smaller package, so you can certainly fit one into your landscape this year.

  • Spring-fall flowers
  • Re-bloomer
  • Adaptable to a variety of soils
  • Works well in containers

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