Fire and Ice Hosta

Fire and Ice Hosta


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Striking Color Contrast Lights Up The Shade!

Is there a spot in your shady garden that needs some life? Hosta Fire and Ice is like fireworks on a dark night. These small Hostas have pure white leaves edged in a thick rim of dark, emerald-green. The leaves begin in the spring and go strong until the first frost.

As an added bonus, in late summer Fire and Ice Hosta shoots up long spikes of purple flowers. Plant these around a shaded patio or gazebo and instantly up the ‘Wow’ factor of your garden.

All these easy plants need is a well-drained soil and a few hours of morning sun to be truly happy. They love humus-rich soil and work great in woodland plantings and shady beds under trees. Fire and Ice also shines in a well-drained container. Divide the plants in early spring as needed.

The striking color combo looks great when mixed with other Hostas and shade loving plants like classic Bleeding Hearts or Hydrangeas.

Order plenty to fill in your shady landscape areas. You will enjoy these lovely plants for years to come.

  • Bi-color Leaves
  • Purple Blooms In Mid-Summer
  • Shade Lover
  • Long Spikes Of Purple Blooms

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