Fortissimo Daffodil Easy Bloom Pad

Fortissimo Daffodil Easy Bloom Pad


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Maximum impact, minimum work! 

In the music world ‘fortissimo’ means ‘loud and dramatic’. Fortissimo Daffodil certainly lives up to that! This daffodil is tops when it comes to size and color.

A garden overflowing with Fortissimo Daffodils will make you the talk of the town. It will look like you spent tons of time and money with fall planting, but only you will know how easy it was with new Bloom Pads!

Bloom Pads are super simple to plant. Just a 6” deep hole, wide enough to put the Bloom Pad in completely, is all you need. Cover it, give it some water and you’ve just planted 5 big bulbs in one easy step! The Bloom Pad itself is made to biodegrade into the soil by the time the bulbs are rooting, so no mess and no fuss.

Bloom Pads only use professional grade daffodil bulbs placed in the biodegradable material at 5 bulbs per pad. This makes sure you get the perfect spacing each and every time.

The top reasons you’ll love Fortissimo Daffodil Bloom Pad:

*HUGE pure gold blooms with large solid orange cups
*Plant it and forget it until spring
*Plant a garden container with ease
*More look, less work
*Don’t break your back planting individual bulbs

We are sure that you will love using Bloom Pads. They make it so easy to plant your dream garden now! Don’t wait!

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