Fragrant Sumac

Fragrant Sumac


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Super-Hardy, Native Shrub

Most of the time when you think of plants and fragrance, you automatically think of flowers. The Fragrant Sumac (Rhus aromatica), though, doesn’t have fragrant flowers.

It does have lovely spring flowers, but they don’t smell. What does smell so great on the Fragrant Sumac is the leaves. Crush one between your fingers in July and you’ll see what we mean. All natural potpourri!

This sumac loves to fill in those tough spots in your garden. It is native to America, so it adapts to just about any condition your garden has, except for really wet or claylike soil. If it’s happy where it’s at, it will start to spread, forming a nice little colony for you and filling in any empty spaces around it.

Fragrant Sumac makes a pretty hedge or back of the border, especially if you like a wilder edge to your landscape. These plants grow naturally throughout the woods in the central part of the U.S., so they do fine in full sunlight to dappled shade.

This is a great plant for attracting wildlife. Birds and butterflies love it. Use this plant with other natives like black-eyed susan or joe-pye weed for a beautiful, natural and very low-maintenance garden.

Nature Hills sells healthy, high-quality Sumac plants. We know you’ll be very satisfied with our Fragrant Sumacs, so you can order with confidence today.

  • Beautiful native selection
  • Scarlet Fruit and Foliage in Autumn
  • Attracts Birds, Deer, and Wildlife

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