Froebelii Spirea

Froebelii Spirea


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Great Heat & Drought Tolerant Small Hedge

The ‘Froebelii’ Spirea, Spiraea x bumalda, has new foliage that is purplish and contrasts nicely with the bright pink to red early summer flowers.

It is an upright, rounded shrub that is excellent as a small hedge. It is still an attractive neat plant when not in bloom.

It is a vigorous grower with purplish tips on the foliage in spring. The leaves turn purple in fall for a striking color display.

Thriving in most locations, ‘Froebelii’ is easily grown in average, medium moisture, well-drained soils in full sun; plus it tolerates light shade. ‘Froebelii’ is reported to have better heat and drought tolerance than most other cultivars.

Removing faded flower clusters encourages additional bloom. This spirea flowers on new wood, so prune in late winter to early spring if needed.

  • Pinkish-Red Flowers
  • Purple Fall Foliage
  • Heat and Drought Tolerant
  • Reblooming Vigorous Grower

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