Galvanized Succulent

Galvanized Succulent


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Galvanized Container of Faux Succulents

You can’t walk into a store these days without seeing succulents. They come in so many amazing colors and forms that they can’t help but catch your eye! So don’t wait. Catch the trend now! It’s easy to do with this this great new offering from Urban Agriculture.

We were thrilled when we first saw this collection of faux succulents in a galvanized planter. It looks rustic, industrial and country-cute all at the same time. It has the Urban Agriculture logo on it, instantly upping the appeal. You get 8-10 mixed faux succulents in a range of styles and colors, artfully arranged together in the container. And Urban Agriculture’s new faux succulents are so life-like that no one will ever know that you don’t have the real thing unless you tell them!

They don’t need any care whatsoever except for the occasional dusting. They go wherever you need a conversation piece. They will light up a bookshelf, brighten a bathroom or sparkle on a bedside table. They make an instant centerpiece on the dinner or patio table, too.

* Faux succulents
* Galvanized planter with UA logo
* Realistic look and feel
* Great gift!
* Carefree!

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Galvanized Succulent-Gift Set