Garden Croton

Garden Croton


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Striking Sunset Painted Garden Croton Plant

  • Showy Sunset-Colored Foliage
  • Perennial in Zones 10 – 11
  • Bright Light Houseplant
  • Tropical Indoor Plant
  • Air Purifier

Tropical Croton (Codiaeum variegatum) makes a breathtaking houseplant. This plant’s leathery leaves are decorated in yellow, orange, red, and green variegated patterns. This creates a magnificently showy ‘sunset’ appearance.

This awe-inspiring, brightly colored shrub hails from Australia and Southeast Asia, where it grows as a slow-growing evergreen perennial. For those living in USDA Hardiness Zones 10-11, Croton can be grown outdoors.

In Zones 3 – 9, enjoy this plant as an annual or indoors as a houseplant. Croton deserves a place of honor in your home where it can display its striking foliage and soak up the sunshine.

Croton is one of the few houseplants that love direct light, a south, west, or east facing window is a preferred home for your new Croton. If your home is lacking in light, Croton will appreciate a grow light. Six to eight hours of direct sunlight a day will bring out the gorgeous yellow, red and green foliage of this houseplant.

This tropical plant likes warm temperatures, thriving at 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Plant your Croton in rich, well-drained soil.

Crotons need frequent watering during the growing season to keep their soil moist. Indoor Croton will appreciate higher humidity from a humidifier or pebble tray. During the winter, make sure to protect your plant from cold temperatures and decrease the frequency of watering.

Crotons are slow-growing houseplants, but over time they can reach about three feet in height indoors. This is one of the most stunning air-purifying houseplants around.

Add a sun-loving Garden Croton to your houseplant collection before they’re gone. Order from Nature Hills today!

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