Gaudi™ Pink Wand Flower

Gaudi™ Pink Wand Flower


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Glamorous Gaudi™ Pink Wand Flower

  • Perfect Pink Star Shaped Blossoms
  • Provides Nonstop Color Spring to Fall
  • Dark Green Foliage Flushes Marroon when young
  • Flowers Bloom on Upright Stems
  • Attracts Butterflies
  • Easy to Care For
  • Drought Tolerant

Here’s a pretty perennial to brighten you your garden. Not often will you see such darling colors on a single plant. Gaudi™ Pink Wand Flower (Gaura lindheimeri ‘Gaudi Pink’) feels like it may have a touch of magic in its lovely upright stems.

This compact, mounded, deciduous plant bursts forth each spring with maroon and magenta foliage. Once they’ve put on a bit of a show, the lance-shaped leaves will settle into a gorgeous dark green.

These lush leaves provide the perfect backdrop for the main attraction, Gaudi’s incredible panicles that reach toward the sky! These colorful wands are what help give this little looker its name!

Gudi Pink Wand blooms in the late spring and it won’t disappoint! It’s buds shine red before flowering into star-shaped light pink blossoms! You won’t have to worry about fading either, this perennial will give nonstop blooms all summer and into autumn!

As if Gaudi’s pink flowers weren’t giving enough curb appeal, just think of the pollinators that will stop by to check out this eye-catching addition! Butterflies will flutter about your garden in search of a tasty snack while you watch their colorful wings in awe.

Just think, this beauty could take your gardens to the next level with its powerful pink blossoming stems and dark green foliage! Don’t wait, order a Gaudi Pink Wand from our expert growers at Nature Hills Nursery today!

How to Use Gaudi Pink Wand in the Landscape

The low to the ground nature of Gaudi Pink Wand means its uses are nearly endless! Not to mention its stunning color will grab the attention of all who pass by!

Try planting as an accent in your perennial garden. It’s dark green leaves are perfect for making the surrounding colors really pop!

You could also line a few up as a border specimen. It’ll stay low enough to the ground as to not cover any flowers and shrubs planted behind it. You could also plant them on a sunny side of your house!

Plant one or two at the base of your mailbox in the front yard. They’ll turn the necessity from drab to fab for sure! Not to mention, planting front and center ensures that it’ll get noticed by friends, neighbors and any company you have over!

Adding one to each side of your driveway or entryway is a fantastic way to make a showy first impression! You could plant Gaudi Pink Wand just about anywhere and it would look amazing. However, we suggest planting in a spot where it can get all the attention it’s pink blossoms and lush foliage deserves!

#ProPlantTips for Care

Gaudi Pink Wand is native to the south and thus, appreciates a warm, sunny spot in the garden. It thrives best in full sun and well drained soil.

Gaudi will do just fine in partial shade. However, for the best display, you’ll definitely want to plant in full sun so it can bask in the rays all day long.

Many growing zones outside of the far south often use this plant as more of an annual, due to its love for warmer weather.

Feel free to cut back the wands to half their height halfway as flowering declines in midsummer to encourage bushier growth and a second burst of blossoms! These can also be cut back in the early spring before new growth appears.

Maintaining Gaudi just quite easy! Used to thriving in the hot and dry temperatures of the south, this specimen is just fine with little water. It’s quite a drought-tolerant little plant!

Whether you’re looking for a stunning accent to your garden, a showstopping addition to skyrocket your curb appeal, or a border plant that will accentuate without hiding the perennials behind it, Gaudi Pink Wand is for you! Order one for yourself today!

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