Gaura Siskiyou Pink

Gaura Siskiyou Pink


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Covered in Stunning Flowers All Season Long

Gaura Siskiyou Pink (Gaura lindheimeri ‘Siskiyou Pink’) is a stunning garden plant that looks like a wildflower but acts like a well-behaved delight. The loose sprays of bubblegum-pink flowers raise from maroon buds all over the waving, airy stems of this beauty. When a breeze blows the stems wave and the flowers look like butterflies fluttering all over the plant.

Gaura Shiskiyou Pink looks great paired with other wild-looking natives – Coneflowers, Yarrows and especially Grasses where the waving flowers will both benefit and enliven them. Try them with Miscanthus, Muhly or Fountain Grasses for a stop-them-in-their-tracks garden combo.

Siskiyou Pink makes a perfect container plant, too. Put a few around your sunny patio for motion and color all summer long.

These delicate looking, but hardy plants are easy to grow. They don’t need deadheading, pruning or coddling. They do need well-drained soil, though, especially if they have a hard winter ahead. Otherwise they are very tolerant of drought and humidity.

Hardy and easy to grow, these flowers will delight you all season long!

  • Long Blooming Season
  • Adds Motion To Your Garden
  • Perfect In Sunny Borders & Containers
  • Easy To Grow, Low Maintenance

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