Geranium Johnsons Blue

Geranium Johnsons Blue


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Prolific Blue flowers All Season Long 

Johnson’s Blue Geranium is one of the first blue geraniums to become popular in home gardens. It began showing up in English gardens in the 1950’s. The true blue flowers took the gardening world by storm then and the excitement hasn’t stopped since.

One of the easiest and most carefree garden plants, Johnson’s Blue Geranium (Geranium Himalayan Johnson’s Blue) looks great in borders, rock gardens, perennial beds and containers. The flowers keep coming from spring through fall. Should the heat of summer start to wear them out, all they need is a little pruning and they will flush again in their full glory for you through the fall.

Also commonly called ‘cranesbill’ plant, the delicate, finely cut foliage of Johnson’s Blue Geranium turns vivid shades of yellow and red in the fall adding extra interest after the blooms begin to fade. In early spring, it easily (and conveniently!) covers up the declining foliage of spring bulbs.

Some plants are just staples of the garden and Johnson’s Blue Geranium is definitely one of those plants that no garden should be without. Make sure to order yours today! 

* True blue blooms
* Perfect in rock gardens
* Long bloom season

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