Gold Drop Potentilla

Gold Drop Potentilla


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Tiny Drops of Floral Gold All Summer Long

Gold Drop Potentilla is a deciduous shrub with many, beautiful ornamental features. Plant one as a foundation plant or several for a low-growing, colorful border.

Your Gold Drop Potentilla is sometimes called a “Buttercup Shrub” for its adorable little buttercup-bright, yellow blossoms that pepper the top of the shrub throughout the summer months. You’re sure to marvel at how this delightful little shrub keeps on blooming, over-and-over, on its fine-textured, light green foliage.

It’s the type of shrub that fits in almost anywhere and maintains its lively appearance all summer without any special care required from you. When autumn arrives, your Gold Drop will continue its golden-hued brilliance when the foliage assumes a pleasing copper hue to close out the season.

It has a compact form and is adaptive to a variety of conditions, including being drought tolerant. In fact, Gold Drop is very hardy overall, and almost thrives on neglect.

Potentilla is one of the more common shrubs used for landscaping…and the reason why is clear to see. A hardy shrub that performs all summer long with delicate little drops of golden perfection is certainly a valuable asset for your landscape. Let Gold Drop be the first of many Potentilla varieties you welcome to your home.

  • Bright Summer Flowers
  • Fall Color
  • Drought Tolerant
  • Adaptive to Many Conditions

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