Gold Splash® Euonymus

Gold Splash® Euonymus


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Dazzling Gold Splash® Euonymus Wintercreeper

  • Proven Winner® Plant
  • Colorful Broad-leaved Evergreen
  • Compact and Low Maintenance
  • Stunning Golden Variegated Foliage
  • Maintains Color All Year Long
  • Grow in Sun or Part Shade
  • Insect and Disease Resistant
  • Versatile, Reliable and Hardy

Does your landscape need a “pick me up”? If you want a versatile, consistent workhorse with a ton of style and personality, take a look. Don’t worry, this is an easy care plant that gives and gives without asking much in return.

Gold Splash Euonymus (Gold Splash® Euonymus fortunei ‘Roemertwo’) really does makes a splash in the landscape! The round, green leaves have a bright gold variegation that stands out year round. This is an unusual broad-leaved evergreen with year round color.

Trust Proven Winners® to develop a really improved variety of evergreen shrub. it works hard to provide interest – even in tough Zone 5 climates.

This plant has been field tested by the Proven Winners® team for years. The big round leaves are edged with a thick golden yellow band. The color is very stable and reliable.

One of the hardiest of landscape shrubs, this is a versatile choice for most home landscapes. It stands out from the crowd and has far more impact than older varieties.

It remains green and gold all winter long and is accented by its compact size. It fits well into even tight spaces.

Use it in a wide variety of ways, including foundation plantings, mass plantings, in the mixed border and more. People love the bold look of this plant when used as a striking hedge edging your walk or fence.

It also makes a fabulous “Filler” in large container gardens. Be sure to clip some of the bright foliage to include in your cut flower arrangements.

Gold Splash is a very hardy, reliable, evergreen plant that is much more than just green. It will handle winter cold without a second thought. You can count on this plant to perform beautifully in your garden for years and years. Order from us today!

How to Use Gold Splash® Euonymus in the Landscape

Gold Splash Euonymus matures at a compact size, which makes it an excellent modern foundation plant. It can be grown in either a formal, clipped hedge, or it also works well when planted in a row of specimen plants that stand alone as individual small shrubs.

It tolerates shearing well. People use this colorful beauty in place of a Boxwood hedge to bring more texture and give a fresh twist to define a formal garden.

A low and colorful hedge can be left to grow naturally and untrimmed. Or, create a formal trimmed low hedge to outline a rectangular garden. Fill the center with a pretty pallet of white or yellow Landscape Shrub Roses, or Shasta Daisies.

If you like a cheerful look, pair it with other golden plants. Try gold toned Hostas, Goldflame Spirea or the varieties of Japanese Forest Grass. It coordinates beautifully with yellow flowering shrubs like Forsythia or Kerria.

Or, go for a more dramatic look with a dark colored Barberry, Black Mondo Grass, Spilled Wine® Weigela, or Black Beauty® Elderberry.

Try underplanting a wine-colored foliage plant like Japanese Maple tree with a mass planting of Gold Splash as a focal point. You’ll love the color contrast and ease of maintenance.

Complementary blue and purple flowering plants would appreciate the visual lift with this edging plant at their feet. Imagine a long row of The Original Endless Summer Hydrangea or Russian Sage lined with a dazzling ribbon of Gold Splash all along the base. You would never grow tired of it!

Use these tough plants as a mass planting in open sunnier beds and embankments. It would be so much easier and safer than mowing. And how nice to see bright color every time you look out your window!

The phenomenal variegation on this evergreen makes it a bold ornamental that belongs at your entrance walkway or patio. Use this as a compact “Filler” in your mix of container plants at your entrance or patio.

Plant a short, tight hedge with plants 2 feet apart on center. You’ll measure from the center of one to the center of the next.

Or, loosen up the look. Gold Splash is excellent for mass plantings. Plant in a checkerboard pattern from 2 feet to 3 feet apart to easily and quickly cover a large amount of ground. You’ll love the sunny splash of bright color. Don’t forget to include some near your rock garden as an accent, too.

#ProPlantTips for Care

This tough plant is tolerant of most soils, except extremely wet soil. It will do best in full sun, but the cheerful variegated foliage maintains its color even with partial shade. The variegation is very stable, and the plant has excellent disease resistance.

Give it moderate water for best results. Be sure to water regularly during times of extreme heat.

Live in Zone 5? Prune off any branch tips that display winter damage in spring. Simply clip those brown tips before the plant really starts to put on its new growth.

Make an impact in the landscape with the bright bold variegation of Gold Splash Wintercreeper. Order today!

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