Golden Jubilee Peach

Golden Jubilee Peach


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Outstanding Golden Jubilee Peach Tree for Colder Climates

  • Mid Season
  • Delicious Freestone Peaches
  • Adaptable
  • Fast Growing
  • Cold Tolerant
  • Self-Pollinating

The Golden Jubilee Peach Tree is a mid-season, fruit-bearing tree that grows well in cold climates. In addition to outstanding flavor, Golden Jubilees possess good disease resistance.

Situate these in a sunny side yard, or near a window where you can enjoy watching your peaches ripen. Golden Jubilee Peach Trees adopt a rounded shape with maturity. This is a fast-growing tree and can adapt to a variety of soil conditions, including cold climates.

Golden Jubilees are sweet, juicy freestone peaches with attractive yellow flesh. These are ready to eat in mid season, perfect for fresh eating, baking into pies and other recipes, or canning.

Delicate, pink-tinted blossoms appear in the spring, with a heady fragrance that invites pollinators to your yard. Even the peaches themselves are gorgeous, with a delightful scarlet blush providing stark contrast to a yellow background. Once ripe, they are easy to spot within the tree’s vibrant, green foliage. The lance-shaped, slightly curving leaves also transition to a lively yellow for autumn, after the harvest.

Peach trees are often considered ideal for home gardeners because of their adaptability, and among the many available peach tree varieties, Golden Jubilee is a choice pick. These trees are well-known for delivering healthy, heavy crops, year after year.

They are not affected by the bad weather that can disrupt the fruit-set of other varieties. Even in the years of good weather, the Golden Jubilee’s heavy set is complemented by its self-thinning properties, so fruit size is always good with very little extra effort.

Although this is a self-pollinating peach, we do recommend growing two of them, or adding another peach. You’ll get larger crops with partner plants!

This tree’s lineage originated in New Jersey, the oldest peach-growing region of the United States. Peaches have been grown commercially in New Jersey for over three centuries, starting in the 1600s. In 1926, the Golden Jubilee Peach was developed. This new variety was derived from an Elberta seedling crossed with a selection called Greensboro. The peach was awarded the name Golden Jubilee in honor of the 50th anniversary of the New Jersey State Home Horticultural Society.

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