Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos


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Pretty, Easy-Care Golden Pothos Cleans Your Air

  • Indirect Bright Light
  • Vining Plant
  • Low Maintenance
  • Perfect for Beginners and Experienced Indoor Gardeners Alike

Golden Pothos (Epipremnum aureum) is an angelic Devil’s Ivy. This is a lovely, variegated vining plant that will survive, even when given a bit of neglect.

You’ll love the way it spreads downward. Place it somewhere you’ll be able to appreciate this green and gold accent in your home or office. Allow it to trail down and decorate your space in a beautiful way.

This plant consistently earns a mention as an air purifier. It will filter out many common air pollutants from building materials and flooring, such as yucky volatile organic compounds like benzene, xylene, formaldehyde, toulene and tricholorethene.

Why not add several Golden Pothos and create a green and gold waterfall effect spilling down cabinets, bookshelves, room dividers or hanging on either side of doorways? Use in your bedroom or office for an easy, organic pick-me-up.

Give it bright, indirect medium or high light if you want it to thrive. Yes, it will survive low light settings. But we think you’d be amazed how beautiful a happy, healthy Pothos becomes. Golden Pothos can take more light than other varieties.

Let it dry out a bit between waterings. Add a weekly reminder in your phone to keep things simple for yourself. It would love some filtered water, just to dampen the soil. It won’t like standing water in the saucer, so mop that up if you accidentally overpour.

This is a houseplant for both beginners and experienced indoor gardeners. It’s pretty hard to kill. But with the right care? The gleaming, variegated leaves catch the light and seem to shine from within.

Use this plant to decorate your life. Order a happy, healthy Golden Pothos from Nature Hills today!

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Golden Pothos – 4 Inch Container