Golden Variegated Sweet Flag Grass

Golden Variegated Sweet Flag Grass


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Green and Gold Swords Stand Out in Any Landscape

The Grass ‘Golden Variegated Sweet Flag’, Acorus gramineus Ogon, is a mounded, non-invasive, rhizome grass. It is great for containers, edging or as a groundcover.

The fragrant, butter yellow and green sword-like blades (resembling Iris leaves) create a striking contrast to other grasses and plants.

The rich golden yellow and green foliage of Golden Variegated Sweet Flag has a typical philodendron flower that can be used fresh or dried.

It grows well in pots, ponds, as an edging or groundcover and even grows indoors. It doesn’t like to dry out but can handle sun or shade. This plant grows fast and is deer resistant!

For a neater appearance, remove the old foliage in the spring before new growth appears.

  • Yellow, Non Invasive Grass
  • Container Plant or Border
  • Deer Resistant
  • Fragrant butter-yellow blades

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Golden Variegated Sweet Flag Grass – #1 Container