Goldfinger Potentilla

Goldfinger Potentilla


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No Maintenance, Small Goldfinger Potentilla Shrub

  • Large Yellow Flowers Bloom All Season
  • Attract Butterflies and other Pollinators
  • Deer Resistant
  • Neat, Compact Shrub
  • Can Really Take the Heat

Goldfinger Potentilla (Potentilla fruticosa ‘Goldfinger’) is a gorgeous, compact shrub perfect for foundation plantings. Its bright yellow flowers are beautifully highlighted against the fine-textured, dark green foliage.

Also known as Cinquefoil, these highly ornamental shrubs are hardy, tidy and carefree. Their soft and fine textured leaves are green on top with a grayish color beneath.

They are native to North America, and will do best in full sun and moist, well-drained soil. However, these little guys are pretty tough. They can handle a variety of soils and resist disease and insects.

The flowers bloom all summer for you with a natural neat growth habit that makes these one of the easiest plants in your garden. And talk about a butterfly magnet!

Besides blooming into late fall, it is also deer resistant. Goldfinger is widely regarded as one the best yellow-flowering Potentilla cultivars.

The compact, mounding form makes it a perfect choice as a border, low hedge or an accent piece in your garden. You’ll love having these small shrubs to brighten up your landscape.

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How to Use Goldfinger Potentilla in the Landscape

Everyone has one of those spots in the garden that is hot and dry, and nothing seems to do very well. That is where Potentilla comes into play. Potentilla become the workhorse of your landscape.

Goldfinger Potentilla is a perfect foundation plant for those hot sunny sides of the home. Use them liberally along your front walk or along the front of your house. They’ll never grow out of bounds or up high enough to cover your windows. Instead, your house will sparkle with these rich flowers that resemble living sunlight.

This can be used near the front of a mixed garden bed. Plant multiples in a gentle zig-zag or curve in front of larger shrubs or evergreen trees. By doing this, you’ll create a “golden river” of color. If you are looking for a way to tie all your garden plantings together, simply use this easy shrub in each bed.

They work nicely into a perennial garden offering sunny flowers from late spring right into the fall. It would be great planted at the very start of a garden path. Plant on either side of special garden sculptures. Wherever you put it, you’ll draw your visitor’s eye.

They make great fillers in mixed borders or places where you need some color.

Maybe you have a hot south-facing slope or embankment that is hard to mow. Mulch the area and mass in a group of Potentilla for an easy ground cover for you. Because it tolerates urban conditions, use this in commercial settings. This is an outstanding plant to use in mass plantings.

Their smaller size makes them a great little facer shrub for larger or “leggy” plants that develop bare spots on their lower stems.

You’ll adore the cheerful, pretty flowers. Plant a low hedge all along a white picket fence. Edge with bright yellow Sunshine Happy Trails Groundcover Rose to playoff shape in the same color family. Or, contrast with strappy blue flowered Liriope or billowing Russian Sage.

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#ProPlantTips for Care

Once established, Goldfinger will tolerate very tough conditions and periods of drought. They love sunny, exposed areas and are easy to care for. A touch of fertilizer and some mulch around the plants will give your plants a great start to a colorful summer.

Pruning is simple and may only have to be done every other year or so until the plants have been in place for a few years or more. Late winter or early spring, simply remove the tallest and thickest stems out right to the ground leaving the thinner stems in place to flower profusely. It’s that easy!

Sunny yellow color from late spring into fall, compact size, easy to grow and maintain, drought tolerant, and so versatile in the landscape. You will love them, but the deer will not! This shrub requires very little maintenance. It is best pruned in late winter to control its size and shape.

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