Goldsturm Black-Eyed Susan

Goldsturm Black-Eyed Susan


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Summer Garden Classic Goldsturm Black-Eyed Susan

  • Blooms for Months
  • Happy Golden-Yellow Color and Cheery Form
  • Award-Winning Selection of Native Plant
  • Great in Massed Plantings
  • Excellent Cut Flower
  • Dark-Green, Rough-Textured Foliage is a Perfect Foil
  • One of the Very Best for Pollinators
  • Add to Outdoor Containers
  • Incredibly Hardy
  • Widely Adaptable
  • Rugged and Drought Tolerant Once Established
  • Good Choice for Beginners
  • Valuable Perennial Comes Back Year After Year
  • Leave Dried Plants Standing for Winter Interest
  • Seedheads Feed Songbirds
  • Deer Don’t Prefer the Taste

Some flowers are so foolproof that every garden should have them. Goldsturm Black Eyed Susan (Rudbeckia fulgida var. sullivantii ‘Goldsturm’) is one of those perennials.

You’ll love the high performance and durability of these improved native American wildflowers. They’re sure to bring a smile to your face with their cheerful disposition.

Mass them in a large, colorful group to generate lots of “Oohs!” and “Aahs!” from garden visitors. Partner them with Ornamental Grasses, Coneflower and Liatris.

Black-Eyed Susan grows wild in the wide open spaces of the American prairies, but they perform well in small space gardens, too. Tuck a few into matching outdoor containers as an easy decoration for your sun-soaked balcony or deck.

This garden classic features beautifully strong texture. You’ll relish the mounds of yellow flowers with deep-brown centers that dazzle in the summer heat and all the way through fall.

Goldsturm is one of the most popular garden plants and was even named the P.P.A. Plant of the Year. Butterflies and honey bees certainly love them.

They’ll visit the wide sunburst blooms with their prominent dark centers over and over again. Each flower lasts up to two weeks on the plant.

With showy yellow-orange blooms, Goldsturm Black-eyed Susan is a star performer in gardens all across the country. Unbothered by drought or insects, these flowers return with more force year after year.

Use them as an excellent cut flower indoors. They’ll last for weeks in the vase.

In fall, leave the dried perennial blooms standing, so songbirds can enjoy the seeds in the black cones. The wide, flat dried blooms catch and sculpt light snowfall for welcome winter interest.

Use plenty of these powerhouse plants in your low-maintenance landscape. Order Goldsturm Black-Eyed Susan from the expert growers at Nature Hills today!

How to Use Goldsturm Black-Eyed Susan in the Landscape

If you have the space, create a joyous mass planting to cover ground and fill ugly bare areas with vibrant color. Plant 18 inches apart, measuring from the center of one to the center of the next.

Line your front walkway with a narrow new planting bed. Rely on them in your perennial borders as a mainstay.

Create a mulched island bed in your lawn for a Butterfly Garden. You’ll want to study all of our cultivated wildflowers, and be sure to include Goldsturm front and center.

Commercial property owners should consider recreating a natural meadow with wide, mowed paths for walking clubs. You’ll support the fitness needs of employees, and generate a lot of interest from the community at the same time.

Add a matching set of three Goldsturm plants on either side of your front door. Go big and bold with this cheery cultivar!

#ProPlantTips for Care

Plant in full sun for the best flowering. They need at least six hours of sun a day.

Well-drained soil is important, as well. Elevate in a raised bed, or grow them in containers if you see puddles that remain a long time after a rainfall.

Pay close attention to watering the first season. Container-grown plants will need a medium amount of water their whole life. In-ground plants will become drought tolerant after the first season.

We do recommend that you protect your investment in extended drought by applying supplemental water as needed. Mulch over the root system to further protect your plants.

Divide clumps once they get too wide. You’ll expand your planting, and keep your plants vigorous and in tip-top shape.

Leave the perennial tops up overwinter for protection and visual interest. Birds peck at the seeds, too.

Prune them down in early spring to an inch or two from the ground. Add flowering plant fertilizer or a top-dressing of compost at that time, if desired.

If you have deer in your area, we encourage the regular use of deer repellent spray. Use the day you plant, and reapply according to the label directions.

You’ll adore the optimistic good looks of Goldsturm Black-Eyed Susan. Order yours today!

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