Green Gage Bavay’s Plum Tree

Green Gage Bavay’s Plum Tree


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Lime Green Plum

The Green Gage Plum, (Prunus domestica subsp. italica var. claudiana), has a round-oval shape and smooth-textured, pale green flesh; they are on average smaller than round plums.

It is a small plum originating in Western Europe, and is later blooming than Santa Rosa and other Japanese types. The Green Gage has a full-bodied flavor, smooth texture and lime-green color.

It is a compact grower has attractive blossoms which are self fertile and deep green foliage.It as a small-medium height at maturity. Freestone ripens mid September. Zones 5-8.

They are considered to be among the finest dessert plums and is a long-time favorite for dessert, cooking, and canning. The fruit is tender and juicy. Green Gage is a relatively small tree with very good productivity.

  • Green Skin and Flesh
  • Small-Medium Tree
  • Good Productivity

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Green Gage Bavay's Plum Tree – #3 Container 4-5 Feet