Green Spire Euonymus  

Green Spire Euonymus  


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Striking Narrow Screen Green Spire Euonymus

  • Beautiful Dark Green Leaves
  • Petite, Glossy Leaves
  • Extremely Vertical Growth Habit
  • Useful Broad-Leaved Evergreen Shrub
  • Tolerates Hard Pruning and Shearing
  • Keep in Outdoor Containers
  • Performs in Full Sun or Partial Shade
  • Heat Tolerant

Plants turn a ‘ho-hum” lot into a special retreat far from the hectic modern world. You’ll love the hard-working good looks of Green Spire Euonymus (Euonymus japonicus ‘Green Spire’)!

Great garden design utilizes steadfast evergreen plants to bring year-round color. Easy, breezy evergreens ground your foundation, your planting beds and your property line.

Green Spire Euonymus is an extremely versatile evergreen that performs all year-long. They grow into a tight column of glossy green.

Petite leaves catch the available light. Don’t be surprised to see sunlight flashing across the surface of this showy “workhorse”.

These reliable shrubs are frankly worth their weight in gold. Maximize the experience of outdoor living with Green Spire Euonymus.

You’ll probably never notice the tiny spring flowers…but beneficial pollinators certainly will. Feel good about this choice to support local ecology.

New leaves emerge lighter green, offering a pretty mix between the mature dark green foliage. Strongly erect branches are held almost vertically and lend an energetic look to the landscape.

Define your yard with enduring Green Spire Euonymus. Place your order for these attractive evergreens today!

How to Use Green Spire Euonymus in the Landscape

Prune Green Spire as tightly as you’d like for a tidy, uniform look. It stands up to hard pruning, and could easily be kept as a showy low hedge, if you’d like.

This extraordinarily narrow shrub makes a big visual impact. Slim enough to fit along a side yard, Green Spire is also lush enough to provide an opaque screen.

Add one at the corner of your home to gain a steady shape. You’ll bridge your land and your house in an easy-care manner.

A groomed geometric application would make a unique and interesting garden feature. Plant individual shrubs five feet apart in a small checkerboard, series of straight lines or serpentine line.

It makes a great privacy hedge, too. Use a row along your pool deck, planting one foot apart on center. Add a second row, staggered behind the first one or a faster screen.

Green Spire Euonymus stays full and dense all the way to the ground. Add to your mixed borders for a lovely, restful backdrop to flowering perennials and smaller shrubs.

The architectural form of this shrub can even become an effective accent. Try a pair flanking either side of your front doorway.

Grow them in the ground, or keep them in oversized garden containers. They’ll add strategic privacy on balconies…no matter if you rent or own your home.

#ProPlantTips for Care

Plant Green Spire Euonymus in full sun or partial shade. It requires at least four hours of sunshine to maintain its tight shape.

Although we recommend a consistent schedule of water, Green Spire’s root system needs well-drained soil. They won’t tolerate sitting water, so elevate your planting site as needed.

Ensure you follow Nature Hills planting directions for best results…without planting this selection too deeply. Apply a three-inch layer of mulch, then pull it back several inches away from the stems.

Prune to correct wayward branches at any time. Keep them pruned for size in early spring.

Garden design professionals count on this vertical plant for visual impact and to provide year-round structure. Place your order for Green Spire Euonymus today!

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