Grow Your Own Craft Cocktail Kit – Mai Tai

Grow Your Own Craft Cocktail Kit – Mai Tai




“Mai Tai” is a Tahitian expression meaning ‘very good’, which is what the first Tahitian taster of Trader Vic’s famous rum punch yelled after he finished his glass. The name stuck and the cocktail is now a staple of Tiki bars the world over.

Traditionally a simple drink that mixes rum and fruit juice, it is one of the easiest summer tropical mixed drinks to make at home. The Urban Agriculture Co. makes it even easier with their Mai Tai Kit. This easy-to-grow, DIY kit includes a pack of organic basil seeds, pre-measured organic soil and a container to grow it in. It also includes a wooden muddler, a Mason jar cocktail shaker and a straining spoon. Urban Agriculture master mixologist Harry Chin has created a special Mai Tai recipe that makes this rum drink shine. (Recipe included.) You’ll love the fresh taste when you use your own home-grown herbs!

Your basil isn’t limited to your cocktails either. Use it in all of your summer cooking and grilling! Order a couple of kits today – one to keep and one to share. Your friends will thank you.

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