Grow Your Own Craft Cocktail – Tropical Punch

Grow Your Own Craft Cocktail – Tropical Punch




There are those days where what you really want is a trip to the tropics. But, you can’t do that when you have to be back at work tomorrow. So, next best thing – treat yourself to a glass of classic Tropical Punch and chill for a little while.

The Urban Agriculture Co. Tropical Punch Kit turns your kitchen into a beachside Tiki Bar. This DIY kit is super easy to grow. It comes with a pack of organic cilantro seeds, a pre-measured bag of organic soil and a cute growing container. It also includes a wooden muddler, a straining spoon and a Mason jar cocktail shaker. Urban Agriculture master mixologist Harry Chin has created an easy Tropical Punch recipe that makes even the dark days of winter shine like summertime. (Recipe included.) You’ll love the fresh taste when you use your own home-grown herbs, too! Cilantro is easy to grow on a warm sunny windowsill year round.

Don’t limit your fresh-grown cilantro to your cocktails either. Use it in all of your fresh cooking and grilling! (Try it on grilled shrimp with your Tropical Punch and be transported.) Order a couple of kits today – keep one and share one. Your friends will enjoy the tropical escape, too!

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