Grow your own Paperwhite Narcissus

Grow your own Paperwhite Narcissus


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Paperwhite Narcissus Kit

Sure, poinsettias get all of the attention this time of year but we’re going to start a campaign for Paperwhites to be the official holiday flower! These graceful trumpet-headed flowers aren’t the prima donnas those fickle tropical poinsettias can be. They are as easy to grow as planting in a little soil and giving them some water and bright light. This Paperwhite Kit includes the bulbs, a measured amount of soil and a cute cachepot to grow them in. Seriously, the only way it could only be easier to grow these beauties is if we came and planted them for you! In a few weeks you’ll not only have some of the prettiest flowers you can grow indoors but the unforgettable scent will fill your rooms for weeks! Order some to keep and some to give away. You won’t regret it! (You might even be tempted to keep them all for yourself. Don’t do that, though. We hear that Santa is watching!)

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Grow your own Paperwhite Narcissus-Gift Set