Habanero Grow Kit

Habanero Grow Kit


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Yowza! Bring a little (actually, a lot) of heat to your kitchen this year. The Urban Agriculture Co. Habanero Kit will assure that you have a more-than-you-probably-need supply of hotter-than-you-can-probably-handle peppers.

Urban Agriculture Co. has taken all of the guess work out of growing these tasty little peppers in your own home. The kit includes everything you need – a cool container made from recycled tea-bags, a pre-measured bag of organic soil and a packet of organic habanero pepper seeds. All you have to do is plant seeds in the soil and add water. Put the container somewhere sunny – a windowsill, a patio table, a porch rail. In just a little while you’ll have a steady supply of addictively hot little peppers that are great in salsas, soups, stews, Mexican foods or – if you’re very brave – as a fresh snack to dip.

Habaneros held the world record as the hottest peppers in the world for a long time, but don’t let the fact that some current pepper varieties have passed it up fool you. This is still one hot pepper. It is 75 times hotter than your average jalapeño. Use it to make your own hot sauce, spice rub or spice powder. Even if you never eat a single pepper the plant is a pretty house plant and makes a great conversation piece.

These kits are really great gifts. The hot sauce lover in your family will especially appreciate it. Order yours today – one to keep and a couple to give. It’s the hottest gift of the year!

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