Hakuun Tulip

Hakuun Tulip


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The Hakuun Tulip Sings Hakuun-a Matata

  • Darwin Hybrid
  • Early Bird
  • Ethereal White Blooms
  • Mid-Spring Blooms
  • Great In Containers

The Hakuun Tulip (Tulipa ‘Hakuun’) may as well be the bride of the garden. This pure white Darwin Hybrid glows with elegance and charm. With its porcelain white coloration, the Hakuun Tulip is dressed to impress and ready to walk down the aisle. In fact, this stunning and large tulip variety often does find itself walking down the aisle with some lucky brides… in their bouquets, that is. And brides love to say “I do” to the Hakuun Tulip’s subtle and charming frill along their petal-edges.

Whether you’re looking for a superior bloom for unforgettable flower arrangements or a pop of pure white for your garden, the Hakuun Tulip is an excellent choice. As a Darwin Hybrid, its stem is one of the tallest and strongest. Not only is it strong, it also has incredible endurance. Its blooms endure through spring showers and days of sunshine.

This mid-spring delight is most prolific when planted in full sun. It will also spread and perennialize, so be sure to give it a bit of space between bulbs during your fall planting.

This luminous beauty looks ravishing as a middle planting in a garden bed. It really sings when given a deep green backdrop. It will also thrive and impress as a mass planting or as a border towering over your garden path.

This exaggerated snow-white tulip is sure to make you blush with joy. If you’re looking for a tulip to light up your landscape or flower arrangements, the Hakuun is a no-brainer. So, go ahead and say “I do” to this stunning Darwin Hybrid and order Hakuun Tulips today!

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Hakuun Tulip – 10 pack bulbs