Happy Returns Daylily

Happy Returns Daylily


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Compact Happy Returns Daylily Big Performance

  • Cheerful Lemon Yellow Blooms Start Coming Early in the Season
  • Fragrant Flowers are Edible and Look so Pretty in Salads
  • Blooms from May through Frost
  • Compact Habit is so Versatile
  • Looks Amazing in Containers or in Perennial Beds
  • Butterfly and Hummingbirds Magnet
  • Very Easy Care
  • Dependable Perennial Performs Every Year
  • Recommended for Firescaping
  • Deer and Rabbit Resistant

Why not add a big dose of cheerful, happy yellow in your landscape? Happy Returns Daylily (Hemerocallis ‘Happy Returns’) is one of the best early blooming Daylilies. It’s a prolific producer of clear, light yellow-toned blooms.

It blooms its head off for you every single year starting in May and continuing all season long.

There are so many ways to use a small, cute little flower factory like this. Happy Returns is becoming one of the most popular of the Daylilies because of its compact habit and its continuous blooming. People just love this awarding winning plant!

One of the parent plants of Happy Returns is the most popular reblooming daylily, Stella D’ Oro, with its bright, golden-yellow blooms. But Happy Returns features ruffled flowers that are a clear pale yellow without a trace of red or orange.

You’ll love how well this variety blends with pink, blue and purple shades exceptionally well. Happy Returns opens up so many more design possibilities for your landscape. And those beautiful, slightly translucent flowers are fragrant!

This is truly a flowering plant that works in every garden. Use it in the front of your garden border, along walkways or in lush container gardens. You’ll be thrilled to see its non-stop flower production, and so will your local butterflies!

The flowers keep coming, too. While each only lasts a day, you’ll get many, many blooms from each plant. The plant seems to pump out twice as many flowers as most other Daylilies.

Even the leaves are attractive. The overall look resembles a small fountain, with bright bladed leaves arching up and out from the crown of the plant. No need to fuss or muss with this low-maintenance little workhorse. It will look great for you for months every single year, perfect for beginners and expert gardeners alike.

This variety is in high demand. Hurry, order your Happy Returns Daylily from the expert growers at Nature Hills today.

How to Use Happy Returns Daylily in the Landscape

There is nothing prettier (or easier!) than a long row of Daylilies edging the length of a garden bed. Use multiple plants to increase the impact of the long, strappy leaves. The sophisticated, clear-yellow, ruffled blooms of Happy Returns become a bright ribbon of beautiful color, polishing the whole look of your planting.

For a continuous look, plant 12 to 18 inches apart on center. You’ll measure from the center of one to the center of the next. For mass plantings, use a staggered, zig zagging planting pattern. Mulch between plants and keep them weeded until they grow together. It won’t take long.

Happy Returns Daylily is wonderful when planted in mass as a fill plant to gain continual summer color. It’s such a low maintenance option, it can even be used in commercial landscapes. Try it in place of annual bedding plants. Outline the planting bed with a sweet little row of Baby Gem Boxwood for a fresh, modern take on a classic formal planting.

This compact plant is a wonderful partner to many other plants in your mixed borders or Rock Gardens. Keep things easy-breezy with selections like blue Sapphire Surf™ Bluebeard and McKay’s White Potentilla behind Happy Returns. Or, mix with Purple D’ Oro and Stella D’ Oro for an impactful, easy care look.

This variety also makes a wonderful Filler plant in large container gardens. Choose a wild Thriller like Black Diamond® Purely Purple™ Crape Myrtle in the center and add Happy Returns all around it up to the edge. Tuck in a few trailing vines or allow the slender leaves of the Daylily to gracefully arch over the sides of your container.

Plant in regular potting soil in a pot with good drainage. Dr. Earth Mother Land Premium Organic Planting Mix is ideal for container growing.

For landscapes in fire prone areas, this plant is a wonderfully colorful selection to add to your defensible space near your home. It brightens things up and the fleshy roots store loads of water. Happy Returns is on many firescaping lists. Check with your local fire department to see if it is included on their list for your area.

The flowers of the Daylily are edible and are a popular colorful addition to any salads. All parts of the plant are edible, but the flowers are the most commonly consumed. Spruce up your vegetable patch with these bright blooms. Harvest the flower shoots when they first appear in the spring these are when they are most tender and can be chopped up and added to stir fry or pasta dishes.

#ProPlantTips for Care

Daylilies are easy to grow, and Happy Returns isn’t a bit fussy. Just give it a good sunny spot and well-drained soil. It tolerates partial shade, but flowers best in full sun.

Daylilies are a low water plant once established, but don’t like to go completely dry. Mulch 2 to 3 inches deep, and spread out 2 feet from the outside of the plant to keep roots cool and extend the period between watering.

Remove spent blooms to encourage repeat blooms throughout the season. This also helps keep the plant looking fresh and promotes maximum reblooming.

In colder Zones, remove winter leaves as they die back in the fall. In mild Zone 9, Happy Returns on most years will be evergreen and requires almost no maintenance.

Make sure you order more than one, so that you can scatter them around your yard for sunny yellow flowers in your borders, beds and containers. Use Happy Returns Daylily around your landscape to tie the entire design together for a designer look. Enjoy!

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