Happy Sunset Tulip/Daffodil Mix

Happy Sunset Tulip/Daffodil Mix


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Stellar Shades of the Happy Sunset Mix

  • Vivid Sunset Colored Tulips and Daffodils
  • Perfect Partners Bloom at the Same Time
  • Excellent Cut Flowers

Happy Sunset Tulip and Daffodil Mix brings the vivid colors of the sunset right into your garden! With scarlet reds, bold yellows and delicate oranges, you’ll be able to enjoy the tranquility of a beautiful sunset for weeks each spring!

Happy Sunset mix is made up of bright red Strong Love Tulips (Tulipa ‘Strong Love’) and yellow petaled Falconet Daffodils (Narcissus ‘Falconet’), whose cup of light orange accents the red and yellow quite nicely.

These perfect partners will bloom at the same time each year. Since both flowers stand atop a strong stem, they make for excellent cut flowers and are beautiful additions to any bouquet. Order Happy Sunset Mix bulbs today!

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Happy Sunset TulipDaffodil Mix – 16 Pack Bulbs