Harvest Garlic Blend

Harvest Garlic Blend


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Have It All With The Harvest Garlic Blend

  • 210-240 Days to Maturity
  • California Garlic, Spanish Roja, and Elephant Garlic
  • A Wide Array of Sizes And Color
  • Excellent Variety of Flavors

There’s no need to live in fear of vampires when you plant our Harvest Garlic Blend (Allium ampeloprasum ‘Elephant’, Allium sativum ‘Spanish Roja’, Allium sativum ‘California Late’) of robust and well-rounded varieties of garlic. We’ve selected the best varieties of garlic for a long-lasting and flavorful cache of garlic, so you have the right garlic no matter the recipe.

This blend includes some of the best performing and most unique varieties to fit al your garlic needs. This package includes 2 bulbs of California Garlic, Spanish Roja, and Elephant Garlic. Divide these bulbs, and you will wind up with enough garlic next year to fill all of your culinary needs.

Whether you love to cook or love to grow unique crops, this blend has the best of the best to satisfy your need for the best. This blend provides you with spicy and bold garlic types (Spanish Roja and California) along with milder and more delicate flavors (Elephant).

We cannot say enough about the beauty of the visual impact of this blend. You can also impress your friends and family with a celebration of roasted garlic of all shapes and sizes.

When your Harvest Garlic Blend arrives in the fall, don’t wait to plant them. Prepare a spot in your garden by lightly tilling the soil and supplementing it with compost. Choose a location that receives plenty of sun with well-drained soil. Place your garlic cloves individually between 3 and 8 inches deep, according to the variety, and in rows between 1 and 2 feet apart. Put the root side down and pointed side up into the loosened soil and cover with an inch or two of soil and water in well.

Water them in well so the soil makes good contact with each clove. They make roots in the fall and then go dormant until early spring when they start to grow. Let them grow and develop by adding moisture as needed right up until the tops start to die back and turn yellow.

As each variety’s greens begin to turn yellow then brown, you can harvest them by loosening the soil around the bulbs and gently prying them with a trowel. Let them dry in the sunshine before bringing them in to store.

Don’t miss out on the best garlic flavor in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and colors. If you love garlic and want to cultivate a better understanding of the flavors and types available for home harvest, try our Harvest Garlic Blend.

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