Heavy Metal Switch Grass

Heavy Metal Switch Grass


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Hardy Grass with Unique Color & Winter Interest

  • Colorful
  • Winter interest
  • Hardy

The Grass ‘Heavy Metal Switch Grass’, Panicum virgatum ‘Heavy Metal’, is also known as Blue Switch Grass.

The ‘Heavy Metal’ switch grass has a striking metallic blue leaf color. It has a very upright, erect growth habit and will not fall over in a heavy rain.

In autumn, pink flowers are formed and the fall leaf color is yellow. Heavy Metal seed heads persist into winter which provides very nice winter interest.

The loose, broad, weeping plumes of purple-green spike-like bloom stalks rise above the foliage. It is quite handsome when used in groups or as an accent plant in the landscape.

It thrives in full to partial sun. This plant is a perennial and it provides excellent cover and food for wildlife.

Heavy Metal is a natural native grass of North America. So it is tough and can tolerate many soil and growing conditions.

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