Hedge Cotoneaster

Hedge Cotoneaster


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Bird-Friendly Hedge Cotoneaster

  • Large Green, Easy Care Shrub
  • White Flowers Followed by Black Berries
  • Attracts Wildlife
  • Wonderful Fall Color
  • Drought Tolerant Once Established

If you are seeking a sturdy, tidy hedge to provide boundaries in your landscape, you’ll want to take a good look at this option. With well-behaved style, Hedge Cotoneaster (Cotoneaster acutifolius var. lucidus) produces glossy, dark green leaves that stay gorgeous for you all season long.

The plant reads as energetic and upbeat. The leaves are so shiny, and new branches are held upright.

Pronounced “Koh toh knee aster”, this plant makes an excellent formal hedge, as it takes pruning and shearing well.

You can keep it to any height or shape you like. This includes allowing it to naturally grow to its full height and width as a tall screening plant.

You’ll love the clean look of the glossy foliage.

In fall, this plant turns an eye-catching beautiful mix of scarlet, red and purple. It brings all the warmth of the season to your autumn landscape.

And this hard-working broadleaved deciduous shrub has another big “Superpower.” It provides sweet flowers and berries for butterflies and birds. Often listed on Top 10 lists for birds, why not choose a hedge that gives back to Mother Nature?

As a cute contrast against the polished foliage, you’ll be pleased to view the small, pink flowers in spring. These are shaped like tiny apple blossoms, and they will bring local butterflies dancing to your yard.

The real benefit for birds follows the flowers. In late summer, small red berries ripen into small black fruit that is a favorite for birds such as song thrushes and cedar waxwings. These berries hang on into winter. The birds love them and will appreciate the plants as much as you do.

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How to Use Hedge Cotoneaster in the Landscape

This is an excellent cold hardy shrub with the most fantastic presence in the landscape.

The dense, dark green foliage makes a great screen. Use this plant for long hedges along your property line. Use as a “living fence” to extend the height of a hardscaped fence.

Delineate the edge of your patio or use as a backdrop for your border garden.

Why not use these to create walls of a special garden room? Many people are looking for respite from stressful modern life. This would make the perfect foundation for a great Meditation Garden.

We would recommend allowing enough space for the mature height and spread. No need to prune this, simply let it grow naturally to deliver both blooms and berries.

Group 3 together as a beautiful, easy display in a Japanese Garden. This is another example of an application that calls for natural styling.

This selection also is very useful in establishing wildlife habitats or used as shelterbelt filler.

You can even use them along roadways where they might be subjected to road salt.

#ProPlantTips for Care

Hedge Cotoneaster is simple to grow in soil that drains well. Raise the planting area by several inches by adding additional native soil.

It likes full sun and prefers a moist, well-drained soil, but is very drought tolerant once established. It is wind tolerant and also able to withstand alkaline soil and is somewhat tolerant of salt.

Hedge Cotoneaster is an excellent choice to give you much needed privacy in your landscape. Order enough to complete your whole project.

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