Heritage Raspberry

Heritage Raspberry


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Everbearing Great Flavor & Color!

The Heritage Raspberry, ‘Rubus ‘Heritage’, has medium-sized red berries that have very good flavor and quality. It is exceptional for fresh eating or for making pies and jams. The medium sized fruits have good color and flavor, firmness, and freezing quality.

Heritage is an outstanding everbearing variety that produces a crop in mid-July and then again in early September. They are disease-resistant, highly productive, easy-to-grow and will bear fruit the first year. The Heritage Red Raspberry has been given the 2004 Outstanding Fruit Cultivar Award by the American Society of Horticultural Sciences.

The berries are versatile and can be used as fresh fruit, in preserves, or in pies and pastries. Raspberries may be grown successfully at an elevation as high as 7,000 feet. They do best in full sun on non-alkaline, fertile loam soil. However, they may be grown in partial shade or under other environmental constraints. Natural protection against strong winter winds are provided in some valleys, but in other areas it is necessary to provide artificial protection during winter months.

Although a well-drained soil is essential for success, a sandy soil will need to have plenty of organic matter incorporated in preparation. Raspberries need a plentiful supply of moisture throughout the growing season. Raspberries take little space, and live for years. Birds also love the fruit, so you may have to share the harvest.

Raspberries are rich source of vitamin C and they are high in manganese. They are also very high in dietary fiber. Eat them for taste and health! Pick up a Heritage Raspberry from Nature Hills today!

  • Everbearing Award Winning Raspberry
  • Higher Elevation Tolerant
  • Disease Resistant
  • Highly Productive

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