Holmstrup Arborvitae

Holmstrup Arborvitae


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Reliable Color and Fine Landscape Texture Year Round

Arborvitae are solid standards in the garden. These very hardy evergreens are great at grounding a foundation planting or perennial border. They are naturally conical and very tidy, so they don’t need to be pruned unless you want to make them into a hedge. They are very low-maintenance.

Holmstrup is one of the smaller of the Arborvitaes, so it does well in a smaller garden. It can replace Boxwood if you want to keep it trimmed as a low hedge. It looks great in a large container, too. Two urns flanking your front door planted with Holmstrup and trailing vines add an instant designer touch to your home.

Holmstrup has a great texture. The fern-like foliage makes the shrub appear “fluffy”. People often call this the cuddly shrub. But don’t let the soft texture fool you; this is one tough evergreen! Holding its greenery throughout the winter.

Holmstrup is an exceptional and versatile Arborvitae variety for its color and fine-textured appearance in your landscape. You can always find room for this well-mannered shrub. Plant it where you need some architectural interest or to give a loose planting bed some structure.

Nature Hills only ships strong and healthy plants, so order a few Holmstrup from us today!

  • Lovely, Soft, Foliage
  • Adaptive To A Variety Of Soil
  • Smaller Size, Urban Environment Tolerant
  • Low Maintenance Evergreen

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