Honeybee ™ Honeyberry

Honeybee ™ Honeyberry


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Delicious and Highly Productive Honeybee™ Honeyberry

  • Decadently Sweet Berries
  • Great Pollinator for Other Plants
  • Fantastic Fruit for Baking of Freezing
  • Petite Early Spring White Flowers

Blueberries, apples, and pears, oh my! If it seems like you’ve grown and eaten every fruit out there and are still looking for something different, we’ve got just what you need. The Honeybee™ Honeyberry (Lonicera caerulea ‘Honey Bee’) is part of the honeysuckle family and completes even the most meticulous and expansive fruit and vegetable garden.

It’s hard to describe the taste of honeyberries. Some say it tastes like blackberry or cherry while others are adamant it’s closer to grape or kiwi. Either way, the fruit is pleasingly tart with skin thin enough that the berry seems to melt in your mouth!

Flowering in the early spring, this bush produces fruit early to mid season. It needs a pollinator and acts as a great pollinator to other later blooming bushes. The plant holds on firmly to the fruit until it is fully ripened. Once it’s ripe, the stems detach very easily for a quick and painless harvest.

The Honeybee™ Honeyberries are delicious fresh from the plant but they are also great frozen and made into pies, fruit salads, jams or served over ice cream! Keeping your bush under a net while growing is a great way to ensure the berries aren’t enjoyed by the wildlife before you can get to them yourself.

The Honeybee™ Honeyberry bush attracts many pollinators. Butterflies and bees will flutter about your garden landing and exchanging pollen from your different fruits. For this specimen to produce, it’ll need a different honeyberry plant that blooms around the same time to pollinate it. However, when paired with a compatible pollinating partner, up to nine pounds of fruit per season after five years! Honeybee is an excellent pollinator for Borealis and most all other varieties.

This fruit bearing bush does best in partially sunlit spots but will also do just fine in full sun. It also requires well drained soil and medium moisture.

Adding Honeybee™ Honeyberry to your garden is a sure fire way to increase the diversity of the fruit you grow and impress those fortunate enough to get a taste. But we would understand if you kept all the delightfully decadent berries for yourself! Order a Honeybee™ Honeyberry bush today!

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