Hosta Albomarginata

Hosta Albomarginata


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Stunning Leaves, Easy Care, Made For The Shade

The Hosta ‘Albomarginata’, Hosta undulata, has soft green leaves with white bands, making it very striking. The Hosta flowers bloom from July to August, however, Hosta’s are not known only for their flowers. Hosta’s also provide bright color in shade with wonderful foliage.

Hosta ‘Albomarginata’ needs to be planted in a full shade area in any moist, well-drained area. Hosta Albomarginata is perhaps the best of the Undulata family.

This low care perennial is ideal for shady positions, tubs and patio pots, and one of the most popular for landscape uses. A great choice for any beginner gardener.

With lovely variegated, gardeners across the country grabbing these up. Order yours today!

  • Georgeous Textured Leaves
  • Easy Care Shade Plant
  • Wonderful Lavender Blooms
  • Soft Green With White Bands

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Hosta Albomarginata – #1 Container