Hosui Pear Tree

Hosui Pear Tree


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Incredible Taste, Juicy Hosui Pear Tree

  • Early Mid-Season
  • Juicy, Sweet Fruit
  • Golden Russet Skin
  • Crisp Like an Apple, Tastes Like a Pear
  • Medium to Large-Sized Fruit
  • White Flowers in Spring
  • Lush, Glossy-Green Summer Foliage Can Shade and Screen
  • Orange-Red Fall Color
  • Good Choice for Milder Climates
  • 400 Low Chill Hours
  • Adapts to a Variety Of Soils
  • Heat Tolerant and Cold Hardy
  • Drought Resistant
  • Plant with Bartlett, Chojuro or 20th Century Varieties for Best Pollination

One of the best-tasting Asian Pears is the Hosui Asian Pear (Pyrus pyrifolia ‘Hosui’). It’s a taste test winner, and beloved for its crunchy, delicious flavor. Even kids like the flavor, the texture and the juice!

The beautiful, orb-shaped fruit is held all through the canopy. These are good-looking trees with an upright, spreading growth habit. Hosui is a vigorous variety, and like all fruit trees, can be easily held to any size with summer pruning.

Asian Pears are heavy and the fruit set is quite abundant. You’ll need to thin the blossoms in spring and thin the developing fruit, as well. That way, your mature harvest will reach full-size. The branches should easily support the weight of a properly thinned crop.

You’ll be able to enjoy your whole harvest, as the fruit keeps well for several months in storage. Hosui is an excellent Asian Pear to add to your edible landscape. Order from our expert growers today!

How to Use Hosui Pear Tree in the Landscape

Glossy, summer foliage cloaks the branches from top to bottom. Try a hedgerow of our Asian Pears to use as a beautiful, useful privacy screen.

Plant Hosui with other varieties such as Bartlett or Chojuro to pollinate. Space them 7 feet apart on center. Measure from the center of one to the center of the next tree.

You’ll know your crop is ripe by watching to see a golden color with orange overtones develop. It’s a yearly race to see who will get the most fruit – you or the birds! Get out there and pick your harvest if you notice birds start to peck at the sweet fruit.Trust us, our featured friends know when Hosui is ripe!

The Hosui has a slightly tangy flavor, with a bit more acid content to balance out the sweetness of the sugar. That may be why it wins the top award at fruit taste tests every year. It simply has a more sophisticated taste than other, sweeter varieties.

The flesh is firm and creamy white. You’ll love these for fresh eating, and they are good keepers. You’ll get several months of crispness, even in winter storage.

Hosui Pears can stand up to baking, as well. Create your own mouth-watering tarts and pies, and create a devoted following.

You will love using incredibly fresh fruit, and having plenty on hand in storage. It is a wonderful feeling to be self-sufficient. Use your sunlight and soil and grow your own fruit!

#ProPlantTips for Care

Hosui is a tough tree. That makes it heat tolerant, cold hardy, drought resistant and even urban tolerant.

Plant it in a full sun location. It’s best to ensure it receives morning sun, as that has strong drying power.

You want to be sure Hosui Pear gets lots of good air circulation, too. Low-lying spots in cold-winter Zones don’t make the best spots for fruit trees, as they can trap cold, frosty air.

Place a thick layer of mulch over the root system to a depth of 3 inches. You’ll spread that out to 3 feet past the canopy. Mulch is wonderful to help keep the roots nice and cool.

Prune in summer to control the height and spread of your tree. Keep it as low as you’d like to make harvest easier.

In late winter, correct any crossing branches by removing the weakest one. You’ll want to open up the canopy to sunlight and air circulation.

Asian Pears should be thinned to 1 piece of fruit per spur. They are heavy, and can cause branches to break if too many are allowed to develop.

No edible landscape is complete without a few Asian Pear Trees. You might call them by their nickname, Apple Pears. They are the fruit that tastes like a Pear, but crunch like an Apple.

Hosui is simply the best of the best. Order today, we’ll run out of this high-demand variety!

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