Hot Cocoa™ Tree Rose

Hot Cocoa™ Tree Rose


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Alluring Colors of the Hot Cocoa™ Rose Tree

  • Rich, Smoky Chocolate and Rust-Colored Blossoms
  • Rose Bush Grafted into a Tree Form
  • Great for Container Planting
  • Wonderful Rose Fragrance

Rustic, alluring, and elusive are all words to describe the stunning Hot Cocoa™ Rose Tree (Rosa ‘WEKpaltlez’). The color is unlike any you already have in your garden, let alone your neighborhood. Leave your neighbors in awe by planting one of these in your garden today!

This rose may be red. But it could also be described as a burnt orange or even some shade of luxuriously rich brown. One thing is for sure, this Hot Cocoa™ Rose Tree is one for the ages. Not only is this plant covered in blossoms from late spring until fall, but it’s also been grafted onto a standard, making it a petite, yet brilliant, tree!

If you can tear your gaze away from the mesmerizing flowers, you’ll notice just have magnificent the foliage underneath is. Dark, glossy leaves frame every bloom as though it were a priceless piece of art on display in a museum!

Use this rose tree as a centerpiece in your garden that will simply blow you away. They are also fantastic in containers and would look lovely framing your doorway or livening up your patio. One thing’s for sure though, you’ll want to put this somewhere everyone can admire it for as long as they like, or as long as you let them stand to gawk your garden.

Another reason you’ll want to place the Hot Cocoa™ Rose Tree somewhere you can see it is so you can enjoy your fluttering friends as they stop by for a visit. Butterflies, Hummingbirds, and other pollinators will love to snack on the sweet nectar the roses provide.

We can’t forget about one of these trees’ best features. The ruffled, floribunda flowers emit a lovely rose scent that is sure to send you over the moon! The bi-colored blooms are russet-orange washed with smoke on the topside and a deep rust on the underside. Cut a few of the blossoms and bring them inside for an elegant dining room decoration or an enticing kitchen counter centerpiece.

Hot Cocoa™ Rose Tree is a deciduous tree that appreciates being planted in well-drained soil. Containers work extremely well for this specimen. It also loves soaking up as much sun as it can so planting somewhere in full sun is a good idea.

You’ve never seen a rose so rich and elegant. You’ll spend hours gazing, just trying to pin down exactly what color those mysterious blossoms are. Don’t wait, Order a Hot Cocoa™ Rose Tree for your garden or doorway today!

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Hot Cocoa Rose Tree – #5 Container 3 – 4 feet, Hot Cocoa Rose Tree – #5 Container 36" HT