Hot Pants Tulip

Hot Pants Tulip


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The Tall Stemmed Hot Pants Tulip

  • Triumph Tulip
  • Excellent Cut Flowers
  • Purple-Pink And White Blooms
  • Great In Containers

While we wish we could, we just can’t justify the name of this tulip… Maybe the hybridizer was inspired after incurring a sunburn while wearing short-shorts. No matter where the silly name came from the Hot Pants Tulip (Tulipa ‘Hot Pants’) is one hot commodity.

These fragrant, candy-striped Triumph Tulips’ blooms soar high above broad, even green foliage, and bloom just in time to celebrate the vibrancy of spring. They also have a trick up their sleeves–the bands that color the margins of the petals transform from purple to magenta as they take in the sun. The Hot Pants’ petals curl inward along their edges, creating a puckered effect.

As a Triumph Tulip, the Hot Pants Tulip is happy to do the majority of the work in adding color to your spring garden. And because they’re a mid-spring bloomer, they’ll blossom just as your neighbor’s tulips are shedding their petals.

Nothing beats a bouquet of tulips, and a bunch of these sweet-smelling, high-contrast flowers is powerfully pretty. These dappled blooms are the perfect addition to flower arrangements. In fact, your Hot Pants Tulips will be ready just in time for a Mother’s Day arrangement or display. So, be sure to save space in your cutting bed.

Hot Pants Tulips create a dramatic show as a mass planting or in groups behind shorter borders.

Hot Pants Tulips are a spring favorite, so don’t miss your opportunity to partake in their pink and white spring showing. Add this pretty tulip to your cart!

We will ship your bulbs based on the correct planting time for your area.

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Hot Pants Tulip – 6 pack bulbs