Husker Red Penstemon

Husker Red Penstemon


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A Beautiful Maroon Native

  • White Spikes of Flowers
  • Maroon-Red Foliage Darkens Throughout Season
  • Tolerates Sun, Drought, Cold, Heat
  • American Native Perennial

Penstemon are native American plants that grow wild on roadsides, by train tracks and in meadows. If they will survive in those conditions, imagine how well they will do in your yard!

Penstemon Husker Red (PENSTEMON digitalis Husker Red) is one of the most popular in the Penstemon family. It even won Perennial of the Year!

The colorful tubular bell-shaped flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds by the droves. The flowers range from pure white to a lovely pale pink, both of which contrast nicely with the maroon-tinged leaves (which give the plant its name).

Husker Red is drought resistant once it’s established. Even after the spring/early summer flowers fade, the foliage stays lush through summer’s heat. Avoid soils that are too moist, though, as Husker Red will drown.

Planted in mass it provides a nice early flower display and the foliage slowly darkens and reddens over the season to provide continual interest. Tough and easy to grow, it tolerates a wide variety of conditions including hot dry sites.

‘Husker Red’ looks great in a perennial border, in a naturalized setting or for cuttings. Hummingbirds and butterflies love this perennial, not to mention being deer resistant.

This plant makes a stunning display with its brilliant pink/white flowers against a backdrop of deep red foliage!

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